Introducing ReSharper: A Truly Spectacular Visual Studio Extension

At Aztek Technologies, one of our main goals is to ensure our clients are equipped with the best software licenses in the market. The companies that work with us rely on our ability to address their needs by providing them with software that simplifies and enhances their workflows. This blog article is dedicated to yet another supreme software tool that we license exclusively in Israel – ReSharper.

ReSharper is an extension designed specifically for .NET developers working in the Visual Studio IDE. With its array of features and capabilities, ReSharper makes coding in Visual Studio so much easier. Like many other tools covered in this blog, ReSharper was developed and is owned by JetBrains – the leading global company behind IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and so many other beloved IDEs. JetBrains is one of our cherished partners – our full partner list is here – and we are proud to be a premium official JetBrains reseller.

So, what is ReSharper?

Microsoft Visual Studio is a very broad and highly popular IDE for .NET developers, which helps them develop a wide range of web products and solutions. ReSharper is an extension designed specifically for .NET developers who use Visual Studio, which enhances the IDE with over 2,000 (!) code inspections for several programming languages. In essence, ReSharper helps developers improve their code via advanced code analysis, smart refactorings and optimized navigation – not to mention code formatting and code generation.

So how does ReSharper assist developers? Let's delve in a little deeper:

  • Code analysis: Your developers can enjoy over 2000 code inspections for a multitude of languages. It’s the ideal way to identify unnecessary code and avoid unfortunate errors.
  • Code quick fixes: Once ReSharper identifies problems with the code, it can usually offer automatic quick fixes. This saves your developers loads of valuable time, while perfecting the quality of their code.
  • Code refactorings: ReSharper offers over 60 refactorings that allow developers to perform key actions safely and easily. Your developers can decouple, decrease complexity, and move code from one area to another with increased simplicity.
  • Navigation and search: Imagine your developers are working on a vast solution. With ReSharper, they can quickly navigate to code that exists in any part of the solution. The goal is to find and access code quickly and effectively – and ReSharper achieves this with flying colors.
  • Code generation: With ReSharper, your developers can generate lots of code – type constructors, delegating members, properties, equality members and more – without writing it themselves. The code generation actions do the work for them.

While this blog post has a lot of important information on ReSharper, we recommend reading what JetBrains has to say about their innovative solution. Their website really goes into detail – it’s worth a read!

Let's Think About Your Needs

If your developers code in .NET environments and work in Visual Studio, there’s a very good chance that ReSharper can elevate their work and increase their productivity – resulting in a huge win for your company. If you’re considering a ReSharper license, then give us a call and benefit from our cost-efficient licensing prices.


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