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Business Continuity for the New Era

The concept of business continuity has been around for decades, and a majority of organizations have created business continuity plans that can help them continue working during extreme unforeseen circumstances.
Naturally, technology plays a major role in any business continuity plan. 

Why are business continuity plans so important?

In 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the field of business continuity has changed dramatically. New concepts such as Secure Remote Work and Work from Home (#WFH) have become integral components of any business continuity plan.
It’s a new era, and in order to keep thriving, organizations must learn to adapt.

Since the pandemic, we tend to think of business continuity as mobility-oriented – but it’s much bigger than that.
Every organization has its unique business continuity needs, and must prepare and plan accordingly. In an era where over 50% of employee devices are not company-owned, Microsoft’s advanced ecosystem tools offers cutting-edge software and cloud-based apps that keep organizations connected, compliant and secure. 

Implementing Business Continuity Management Solutions

Aztek Technologies works together with organizations to create optimal business continuity plans. Using advanced Microsoft business continuity and disaster recovery technologies, our experts ensure that even in worst-case scenarios, management and employees can remain productive, continue to collaborate and enjoy top-level security. When implemented wisely, these tools are ideal for virtually every scenario, including a wide range of pandemic-related circumstances.

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