We are pleased to announce the launch of our new elastic and modular Managed Service offering.

Our Managed Service offering is designed for all customer and segment types, regardless of size, from SMBs and start-ups to large enterprises. It is engineered to respond to the changing needs of companies and organizations that use cloud-based services, allowing them to focus on their core business and provide reliable service to their customers.

We will provide our clients with the  best possible service, in accordance with their existing systems, allowing them to provide full-scale services to their customers while aligning with business growth objectives.

How does our modular Managed Service offering work?

Taking specific business activity and cloud activity scope into full consideration, we offer our clients a choice between three flexible service models: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

In addition, our clients can select from the following 8 main service modules: Cloud Operation, Security, DevOps, Databases, Data Analytics   (AI),   Billing   &   Licensing,   FinOps, Modern Work.

For example: If you employ a robust IT team  that can monitor the organization’s cloud environment, yet need  expert  security  and data system monitoring, you can purchase a Managed Service that  includes  only operational responsibility for data & security or data & AI. Our expert teams provide precision-based quality services  that  meet  your needs and nothing more.

Our service also allows our clients to benefit from consulting services pertaining to their technological needs, which complements our operational service envelope. This includes Tier 3 and Tier 4 expert consulting provided by data engineers, architects and DevOps experts.

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Aztek's Managed Service – the Key Advantages

By purchasing Aztek’s Managed Service, our clients benefit from several significant advantages that will help them provide their customers with reliable and effective services:

  • A flexible modular service that adapts to specific needs – high value for a low cost.

  • A service envelope that provides clients with tech expert services and consultancy, alongside monitoring and operation – allowing them to establish complex and innovative systems without hiring expensive tech personnel.

  • Quality assurance and the use of proven best practices, based on Aztek’s experience working with hundreds of clients, guarantees reliable and effective cloud environment services.