Optimize and maximize cloud investment with Azure savings plan for compute

We strive to help our customers get the most value from their cloud investment by offering a variety of pricing models, offers, and benefits.

Microsoft recently announced the Azure Savings Plans for Compute, offering customers the opportunity to save a significant amount on compute services, compared to pay-as-you-go prices where you commit to spending a fixed hourly amount on compute services for 1 or 3 years.

Save money with Azure saving plan

This plan is in addition to existing savings options like the Azure Hybrid Benefit and Reserved Instances and Spot Virtual Machines. Combining the right plans, based on Microsoft’s and Aztek’s recommendations for the customer’s current and future needs, will allow for the most affordable rates to be realized.

Azure Savings Plans for Compute’s flexible pricing model allows you to save up to 65 percent off pay-as-you-go pricing by customizing term length, scope, billing frequency, and hourly commitment. If usage exceeds the hourly commitment, customers will be billed at their regular pay-as-you-go rates.

Though Reserved Instances and Azure Savings Plans for Compute plans have similarities, compute saving plans offer greater flexibility in terms of commitment level. This savings plan should be considered when varying usage levels occur, but there is no doubt that average global usage will exceed a certain threshold.

Unlike the Reserved Instances plan, the customer is not restricted to a particular virtual machine type in a specific Azure region. The Azure Savings Plans for Compute applies across select services globally, down to the hourly commitment. Customers can choose whether to pay for the entire commitment upfront or monthly, at no extra cost.

Combing the saving plans:

Combing the saving plans:

How does it work?

As part of our cloud investment optimization, we will review your billing and advisor recommendations, as well as third-party tools and insights from our Azure architects.

Set up a meeting with Aztek or your dedicated Account Manager to discuss the most cost-effective savings option for your company.