Understanding Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE)

Join our Webinar on February 6, 2022   |  10:00-11:00 am

Microsoft launched the CSP New Commerce Experience (NCE), which is a subscription-based model for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365, and Power Platform. What are the differences between NCE and the legacy program and how will NCE affect you?

NCE is changing the way customers will purchase and manage new and existing license subscriptions. The new program is meant to reduce complexity and offer substantial  savings for annual and multi-term subscriptions.


Join our webinar

16th of February, at 10:00-11:00am

where Daniel Cohen, Cloud General Manager at Aztek, will discuss the updates and additions to Microsoft CSP New Commerce Experience (NCE).

* The webinar will be held in Hebrew

For more information on the NCE launch please contact your Aztek Account Manager or contact us at aztek@aztek.co.il