Improve Your Azure Financial Management with Aztek FinOps

What is Cloud FinOps?

FinOps (Financial Operations) is a proven methodology for cloud (Microsoft Azure/AWS/GCP etc.) budget management and the optimization of cloud operating expenditures (opex). The purpose of FinOps is to improve the cloud cost-benefit ratio for your organization, while also introducing financial accountability into your cloud-use culture.

FinOps allows users from various organizational departments to experience heightened cloud performance, while remaining on or even below budget. With FinOps, cross-functional teams can utilize the organization’s cloud services with optimal financial responsibility. 

Basically, FinOps tools act as “navigators” that help users operate cloud technology with maximum transparency, agility and cost-effectiveness. When implemented regularly, FinOps is designed to significantly reduce cloud costs and improve ROI.

Taking FinOps to the Next Level

Aztek’s Azure experts provide a premium cloud budget management service that continuously optimizes, monitors and improves our customers’ cloud consumption. Our goal is to ensure that you squeeze every bit of juice out of your Azure platform – while reducing your bill. To do that, we employ a wide range of FinOps capabilities – robust personalized reporting and dashboards, optimizations and recommendations, budget alerts on unexpected spending, specific cloud cost module deployment, and more. We also make sure that our methodologies are fully synchronized with the dynamic nature of your business at all times.

FinOps Building Blocks:

Zero Surprises

We monitor your cloud budget on an ongoing basis and quickly react to any deviations.

Growth Support

Our FinOps services help facilitate your organization's scalability strategy.

Consumption Monitoring

Value for money is important. Our FinOps operation keep track – and continuously optimize – your Azure consumption levels.


Operational Insights

We analyze usage data and provide rich operational and managerial reports that can lower your Azure consumption costs.

Deviation Detection

If something’s not aligned with the budget, our systems will detect it and our experts will get right on it.

We Provide FinOps for Leading Organizations