Always adapting, always optimizing

Introducing DevOps

One of the main reasons advanced cloud environments are so effective is their ability to quickly adapt to dynamic organizational needs. Yet this doesn’t happen without the implementation of a service called DevOps.

What is DevOps and why is it so important?

DevOps development and operations are a methodical set of procedures that constantly make software implementation more effective – both on and off the cloud. DevOps is a continuous process that updates virtual environments on a constant basis, based on specific organizational needs, with no need for special projects, dramatic version launches or large-scale interventions. 

The Agile Impact of Aztek DevOps

Aztek’s DevOps team specializes in optimization of Microsoft Azure environments. After assessing the organization’s most acute needs, Aztek’s DevOps specialists collaborate with the client’s IT team in order to outline a specific DevOps process for implementation. 

The DevOps Basics


Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery is the foundation of the DevOps pipeline. This methodology ensures that all changes are applied automatically, swiftly and smoothly.


Automation is an integral component in the DevOps logic. DevOps teams strive to implement automated processes that constantly optimize cloud environments.

Monitoring & Control

Effective DevOps processes must be able to spot and fix flaws and faults, while also monitoring key infrastructures and indicators.

Aztek Azure DevOps Makes
a Difference:

Comprehensive Process

Aztek DevOps combines many impactful Azure tools, such as Azure Pipeline, Azure Repos, Azure Artifacts, Azure Test Plans and Azure Boards, to facilitate a seamless process.

Quick Time-To-Market

Our effective DevOps process narrows the gap between needs assessment and implementation, so that your organization can always benefit from more cloud impact – in less time.

Providing DevOps Best Practices for Leading Organizations

Warm Words for Aztek DevOps