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What is Cloud Migration Service?

In cloud computing terms, migration is the transfer of applications, systems or data from on-premise servers to the cloud. Migration can also refer to the transfer of components between different cloud environments. The word “migration” is a perfect description, because it literally means making a dramatic move from one ecosystem to another – thereby creating a positive change for everyone involved. 

In recent years, more and more enterprises are beginning to understand that the cloud hosting service model creates significant technical, commercial and security advantages that on-premise servers simply cannot deliver. Today’s cloud technology enables a service-oriented approach that saves enterprises time, space and money. And no other cloud environment does this as well as Microsoft Azure.

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The Common Migration Methods:

Lift & Shift

The simplest method. Transferring all workloads to the cloud "as is".

Cloud Native

Transferring workloads to a customized managed service cloud environment.

Meet the Wise
Cloud Migration Experts

Windows Server SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization

Aztek’s Microsoft-certified migration team has extensive experience in migrating vast amounts of workloads to cloud in a wide range of configurations, in full correlation with existing IT teams. Our goal is to implement a migration strategy that’s smart, effective and extremely low-risk. Here’s how it’s done:

Key Advantages:

When You Migrate,
You're Rewarded. It's that Simple.

High Availability

Benefit from minimal downtime with Microsoft Azure’s advanced cloud environment.

Simple Scalability

Microsoft Azure’s PaaS allows your organization to scale your cloud operation up or down as you please.

Data Redundancy

Experience less data errors via a wide range of data redundancy methodologies.

Heightened Security

Microsoft Azure’s cutting-edge security and encryption features keep your data super-secure.

Better Performance

Microsoft Azure’s robust and balanced environment ensures better system performance.

Managed Services

Benefit from an optimally managed cloud service – both operationally and financially.

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