Unleashing Performance Insights with JetBrains’ DotTrace

In the ever-evolving landscape of .NET development, optimizing application performance remains a critical pursuit. Enter DotTrace, a robust performance profiler. This powerful tool empowers developers to dissect their codebase and uncover hidden bottlenecks. In this article, we’ll delve into the capabilities of DotTrace, explore its seamless integration with BenchmarkDotNet, and highlight how it can enhance your development workflow.

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A Synergistic Alliance

BenchmarkDotNet stands as the benchmarking suite of choice for .NET developers. With over 16,300 projects leveraging its capabilities, BenchmarkDotNet enables you to run performance benchmarks and share reproducible experiments with colleagues. It’s the go-to tool for tracking performance metrics and swiftly identifying regressions.

DotTrace Joins the Fray

The new DotTraceDiagnoser seamlessly integrates with BenchmarkDotNet. This powerful diagnoser allows developers to dive deeper into performance snapshots. But what sets it apart?

Unveiling the DotTraceDiagnoser

DotTraceDiagnoser bridges the gap between raw diagnostic output and user-friendliness. When combined with thoughtful exporters, it transforms complex data into actionable insights. As a developer, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of memory usage, garbage collection calls, and ETW events during benchmark runs.

Profiling Made Effortless

DotTrace offers an investigative lens into your codebase. With features like filtered call trees, hotspot highlighting, system call exclusion, and flame graphs, you can pinpoint bottlenecks and optimize your application. Whether you’re squeezing out those last drops of performance or hunting down elusive issues, DotTrace has your back.


In the pursuit of performance excellence, DotTrace emerges as a champion. Its seamless integration with BenchmarkDotNet and user-friendly insights make it indispensable for every .NET developer. Aztek is here to assist you with optimizing your code. Give us a call and elevate your development game!