Introducing WebStorm: The IDE that Makes JavaScript Coding Easier

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In this blog article, we’ll be discussing WebStorm, a top-class IDE (Integrated Development Environment) developed by the leading software company JetBrains. Like other JetBrains IDEs, WebStorm offers developers a slew of unique advantages.

So, what is WebStorm?

WebStorm is designed to make JavaScript-based coding easier and more effective. WebStorm takes complicated tasks and simplifies them, while also making coding more fun. WebStorm also supports technologies that are related to JavaScript, such as Angular, Node.js, and HTML. In the summer of 2022, JetBrains released WebStorm version 2022.2, which offers support for Angular standalone components and much more.

Smart coding for smart businesses

From a business standpoint, smart and efficient coding translates into significant ROI. The WebStorm IDE is designed to help your developers bypass coding problems, work faster, and generate excellent code on a consistent basis. Naturally, this can impact a wide variety of important parameters – from production costs to time efficiency – that affect your organization’s bottom line.

WebStorm helps developers be the best version of themselves – here's how:

  • The JavaScript helper: JavaScript coding can be complicated at times, and WebStorm is here to help. Developers can enjoy robust support with tools that bring out the best out of any JavaScript developer. WebStorm covers not only JavaScript but also technologies such as Angular, React, Node.js, TypeScript and much more.


  • Automated editing: With WebStorm, great coding doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time. WebStorm’s automation and editing tools can autocomplete code, detect errors that need fixing, refactor code safely, and even correct grammar and spelling.


  • Search & navigation: Thanks to WebStorm’s Search Everywhere feature, developers can find almost anything in their project and WebStorm in general. They can use it to look for IDE actions, files, classes, and symbols, and see all the matches in one place.  In addition, WebStorm can help them find and replace text strings both within specific files and entire projects.


  • Collaboration tools for teams: Many organizations employ development teams that code together on numerous projects, yet log in from separate locations and are accustomed to different work habits. WebStorm supports development teams by allowing them to work together and collaborate on the same project efficiently. With WebStorm’s features for teamwork, developers can write and review code, share their code style settings, and set up integration with issue trackers. It’s the perfect tool for effective teams.


This short WebStorm summary is just the tip of the iceberg. WebStorm is a truly powerful IDE, and has a bunch of features and built-in tools that simplify coding. If you want to learn more about WebStorm, you should check out the JetBrains website.

Do you think WebStorm can help your organization?

With WebStorm, your development teams can enjoy an IDE that makes JavaScript coding more productive. It’s a great platform that can really elevate your research and development, and we’ll make sure that you receive a bargain price on your WebStorm license.

Is WebStorm the solution your organization needs? Let’s find out together. Contact us today to schedule a commitment-free call.