Getting started with FileWall: how to activate your free NFR

Protecting Microsoft 365 Mail

With over 94% of malware delivered via email, and hackers hide malicious code in standard files (PDFs, Office docs etc.) to transfer and spread their attacks, no wonder file based attacks are one of the biggest concerns in the area of information security.

Together with Odix, an Israeli cyber leader in Deep File Inspection and malware prevention technologies, we welcome you to listen to our webinar:

Protecting Microsoft 365 Mail Against File Based Attacks webinar that took place on June 8th, 2021

In this 60 minutes recorded webinar you will learn:
  • How to complement Microsoft 356’s native security offerings, including Defender (ATP) and EOP with FileWall security add-on.
  • Why Aztek deployed FileWall
  • Getting started with FileWall: how to activate your NFR

The recording of the webinar


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