New Year's promotion for New WVD Customers

Are you interested in WVD but haven’t yet begun your journey towards virtualizing and modernizing your desktops? If so, we are happy to announce the details for a new promotion to WVD service.
This offer is the first of its kind as it will be available and activated directly through the Azure Portal.

What is the promotion?

  • Launching January 5th, eligible customers can save 30% of the WVD computing costs in D-series and Bs-series VMs used as WVD Host Pools for up to 90 consecutive days.
  • The promotion is eligible for new WVD customers, when using Microsoft’s native WVD solution and activated before March 31st, 2021
  • The promotion will be available directly in the Azure Portal and eligible customers will see the promotion announcement when they select the WVD blade
  • ISV tooling for WVD native (eg. Nerdio) will be able to use APIs to activate the promotion in their product flow

Who is eligible?

  • The promotion is available only to new customers that begin using the Windows Virtual Desktop native solution for the first time during the Promo Offer Period with an Azure subscription.
  • The offer may only be used in Azure Commercial (not Azure Gov) and in all geos except China
  • Only one subscription per billing scope is eligible
  • Deployments of WVD to Citrix Cloud or VMware Horizon Cloud are not eligible as this promotion requires Citrix/VMware and Commerce engineering changes to enable which is not planned
  • Not stackable with other WVD offers (Azure Accelerate/AMP)

For more information:

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