Aztek Technologies was established in 1984 by entrepreneur Yoel Zaltsman. Aztek specializes in cloud environment planning and implementation, as well as software license agreement management (Microsoft & other leading vendors), for business customers

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The ability to adapt. The vision to lead.

During its initial years of operation, Aztek was mainly involved in computer hardware marketing and distribution. As Aztek developed, the company formed a distinct corporate culture based on innovation and forward thinking. This culture helped the company shift its business focus form hardware to software products & license marketing. Today, our experts help leading organizations plan and implement software license agreements in accordance with their technological and financial needs.

Hand in hand in the cloud: The Aztek – Microsoft partnership

The company’s software license management success served as a significant business catalyst, and with the introduction of SasS and cloud computing, Aztek was poised to service customers seeking advanced cloud – based solutins.
Aztek is an expert in planning, implementing, monitoring and supporting Microsoft – based could environments (Microsoft Azure). As Microsoft’s senior partner in Israel, we were chosen for the 2018 Partner of the Year Award Winner. Previously, we were chosen to spearhead Open Source and DevOps solutions for cloud platforms; In 2017 we were runners-up in Microsoft’s Partner of the Year global award Selection and more.

Trusted Advisors for Technological Environments

Aztek’s experts create and manage unified technological environments, which are designed for optimal correlation with all organizational characteristics. These environments include automatic interfaces with users and end-clients, fault-monitoring systems, budget & timetable management, data migration processes, license management, advanced information security and more. We are loyal to the most advanced technologies – as long as they adhere to our customers’ needs.

In a technology-oriented world, it’s people who make the difference

Our people are our source for success. Aztek’s professional teams are considered leading advanced solution experts, whose expertise includes tailor – made SLA, budget monitoring, security and support implementation. By working together, our people provide custoemrs with better tools for future business success.

Our Teams

Account Managers

Each and every one of our customers is supervised by a seasoned Account Manager, who helps create and maintain optimal licensing agreements.
Our Account Managers will help you define your organization’s technological needs, in accordance with budget and regulation constrictions, as a basis for optimal effectiveness and cost-efficiency.
Together with Eti and Shiri, our VP Sales and Team Managers, our Account Managers service customers ranging from market-leading enterprises (with hundreds and even thousands of users) to start-ups and SMB’s who have just begun to familiarize themselves with the complex world of technological licensing.
The Account Manager teams work in tandem with the Professional Services team to guide its customers through the initial planning stages to project completion.

Professional Services

The Professional Services team relies on many years or experience in planning and implementing complex technological solutions for a wide range of organizations, SMB’s and start-ups. Team services include consultation and process adaptation to budget and regulation constraints, tailor – made training and technical support.

Each project, from small to big, is overseen by Shani, the professional services team manager, whom has many years of engaging customers while managing the team and understanding the various technological, regulatory and budgetary needs.

With a proven track record in DevOps, OSS, Automation, Cloud Migration & Management and more, our Professional Services team has been widely recognized by Microsoft:

  • We win numerous awards every year, including the 2018 Partner of the Year Award, 2017 Partner of the Year Runner-Up Award and 2014 Partner of the Year Award. We also won over 10 Gold and Silver Awards.
  • We were chosen to lead Open Source and DevOps solution implementation for cloud platforms.

Mark Blank - CEO

Mark Blank has over 20 years of experience in sales and sales management. Mark
joined Aztek in 1996 and has gradually progressed professionally, until being appointed as CEO in 2017.
Mark has a unique ability to see several steps ahead from a business standpoint.
Together with the company’s management staff, Mark successfully leads Aztek towards new and uncharted innovation.